Sunday, 1st March – Faithworks Cafe

In our Café discussion today, we will think about the story of Jonah and his relationship with God through prayer, and members of the Faithworks group will share what has helped them in their prayer lives.

Do join us at the pavilion on the Recreation Ground in Dunton Green from 10am. We will we enjoy toasted sandwiches, hot drinks, friendship and learning together!

Sunday, 23rd February – Family Fun

Today we continue our series on prayer and making it part of our daily lives as we consider where and when we pray. This will be a time for everyone of any age with food, craft, quizzes and activities as we explore in creative and fun ways .

Do join us from 10am in the pavilion on the Recreation Ground in Dunton Green.

Sunday, 9th February – Family Fun

There will be lots of fun and games as we start a series of sessions exploring prayer and how we can make it more meaningful in our lives. Today we will consider what is prayer and our conversations with God.

We will be at the pavilion on the Recreation Ground in Dunton Green from 10am with excellent refreshments as well as activities for everyone. Look out for the orange flags!

Sunday, 2nd February – Faithworks Cafe

Today we will start an exploration of prayer over the next few weeks – what it is, how we pray, what we pray for, and how we can learn to make it a natural part of our lives.

Join us for a thought provoking talk and discussion over good food in Dunton Green at the pavilion on the Recreation Ground from 10am.

Sunday, 26th January – Family Fun

This Sunday, using games, craft and challenges, we will be exploring journeys in the Bible and what we can learn from some examples.

Just for this week, we will be meeting at 2.30pm, not the morning, and, as always, we will be in the pavilion on Dunton Green Recreation Ground. There will be home made cakes instead of bacon sandwiches!!!

Sunday, 12th January – Faithworks Family Fun

Next Sunday we are exploring mountains in a variety of ways – building them, knocking one down, finding footprints of animals that live on them and thinking about just awesome they are. We will also look at stories from the Bible where mountains feature and how they provide a link between the Old and New Testaments.

Just come on in to the pavilion on the Recreation Ground in Dunton Green from 10am – enjoy the fun, make new friends and share refreshments with us.

Sunday, 5th January – Faithworks Cafe

As we start the New Year together, we will reflect on ‘Wisdom’ again as we consider the story from the Bible of 2 men and how they built their houses. We will share good refreshments, enjoy catching up with news of the Christmas break and join in an informal discussion.

See you at Dunton Green pavilion at 10am on Sunday

Sunday, 22nd December – Family Fun Christmas

Christmas is a wonderful time to celebrate as a community and share God’s love together. As always, there will be lots of fun with family games, our indoor snowball challenge, singing Carols and Christmas refreshments.

Do join us from 10 o’clock in the pavilion on the Recreation Ground at Dunton Green as we remember what Christmas is really about – celebrating the birth of Jesus!!!

Sunday, 8th December – Family Fun

Please come and join us for lots of fun and games while we consider Jesus telling us that he is the true vine. Icing vines with sugary grapes, pretend grape treading and potato printing are some of the illustrations as we think about what a vine is like, how it is cared for and what that means for us. We will also share communion with the fruit of the vine and bread.

Family Fun really is for everyone and whatever your age or interest in Christian things you will get a warm welcome. Come and join this friendly community event at the pavilion on the Recreation Ground in Dunton Green from 10am.

Sunday, 1st December – Faithworks Cafe

At the final Café of the year we welcome Charlie Ingram, minister at Bessels Green Baptist Church, who will share some thoughts from the sermon series ‘Wisdom Teacher’. Do come and enjoy some great refreshments while we have an informal discussion together.

10am in the pavilion at the Recreation Ground in Dunton Green.

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