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Upcoming Events

Sunday 24th March: Faithworks Family Fun

The Prodigal Son is our subject next Sunday. There’ll be activities, food, craft and creative story-telling on that theme, alongside the regular bacon sandwiches, coffee and conversation. As always, it’s 10-11:30am at the Pavilion. read on

About Faithworks

Dunton Green is a village on the northern edge of Sevenoaks and Faithworks has been in the village since 2005, sharing the love of God in a variety of ways as the needs of the community have changed. There are Sunday gatherings and members of Faithworks assist regularly in organisations and with individuals in the village.

The original members of Faithworks were sent from Bessels Green Baptist Church to identify what was needed in the village and help as best they could. There is more detail on our history page. Faithworks is now a congregation of Bessels Green Baptist Church and is supported by that church community.

When Faithworks members help at various events around the village they can be identified by their orange shirts or wearing the orange Faithworks badge.

Please explore the website and find out more about Faithworks.